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X-Ray controlled waterjet cutting solution


BAADER and JBT have joined strengths and offer the market first class waterjet portioning solutions.

It combines X-ray technology from BAADER with waterjet technology from JBT.

The combination of BAADER's X-Ray and weighing technology with JBTs waterjet cutting system provides highest cutting flexibility at unrivaled speed. A significant increase of throughput and accuracy is attended by a clear reduction of manual rework and yield.


Customer Benefits:

  • Waterjet Cutting controlled by X-Ray detection
  • Flexible high speed
  • 4-8 cutting nozzles guarantee wide variety of cuts without reductin of speed and accuracy
  • High pressure cutting can also cut fillets with skin
  • X-Ray detection of pinbone area
  • Less labour while achieving the highest throughput
  • One Waterjet Cutter can process the fillets of two BAADER 582 Filleting Machines