Production Processes

Production Processes

Production Processes


Manage raw material input

Get an effective overview of what is brought into your plant.

  • Control the quantity of raw material
  • Review quality by sample control
  • Benchmark suppliers/farms
  • Control your stock balance
  • View intake schedule including intake sequence
  • Compare actual intake with planned

Further Processing

Optimizing automatic and manual processing has a direct impact on profitability. End-product quality, quantity and throughput are affected by each process undertaken throughout the plant and once wrongly processed profitability will forever be lost.
  • Allocate the product to the correct processing
  • Adjust machinery continuously for high performance
  • Monitor and motivate manual operators to focus on quality processing
  • Set-up automatic quality control to continuously adjust machines and guide operators
  • Use different weighing units to control yield throughout the entire process
  • Receive real-time notifications when variations in the process

Weighing Grading

Automation and control of the Weighing & Grading Process

Getting the product mix right at a lower cost and a higher speed is the aim of the Weighing & Grading Software. The system offers real-time monitoring and control of various weighing and grading equipment throughout the entire plant.

  • Flexibility: all grading program settings are easy to modify during the grading process.
  • Easy set-up of complex batching processes: batch to number, size or mixed.
  • Effective batching reduces give-away and optimize production flow
  • From any upstream source to any downstream destination.
  • Multiple batches executed simultaneous
  • Multiple standard reports and statistics regarding line speed, batching summary, weighing distribution etc.
  • Service tools for maintenance and fault finding
  • Remote support


Control and Systemize Packing

Systematic and controlled packing is a continuous struggle in many food processing plants and it easily becomes chaotic. As the last part of the process the packing is vital – this is where the concrete order becomes palpable.

  • Multipacking – pack from different production lines to same pallet
  • Adjust packing on the fly
  • Quality control (weight, label): random, sample or at start-up
  • Visualize give-away per job, per box, per operator etc.