whitefish@baader - a very successful event!



BAADER launches its new whitefish@baader-Event in Luebeck

More than 200 customers from 23 countries experienced the full potential of BAADER!

More than 200 customers from all around the world gathered at the BTC (BAADER Technology Center) in Luebeck to see some of BAADERS major highlights for the whitefish industry and have a very fruitful and cheerful day.

Please see some impressions of a successful and cheerful day! 

Thanks again for your visit and see you again next time!




 Live presentations  gave the visitors the chance to be first-hand witness of BAADERs advantages.

Presentations from our guest speakers were well attended. Beside others e.g. Pål Korneliussen - publisher from Intrafish media, gave an overview about the current trend in the fish industry - or Dr. Jörn Scabell from the company Frosta, who gave a look at the expectations from the Fish Processing Machinery Sector. Also Gorjan Nikolik, as an industry analyst from Rabobank, talked about dynamics and outlook in global ground fish and fresh water white fish market.

The visitors explored the BAADER equipment, the integrated systems and the software solutions. On top of that it was a great opportunity to meet colleagues from the whitefish industry.

At this event BAADER displayed its latest Whitefish processing technologies. BAADER demonstrated the equipment and software solutions which help to optimize raw material utilization, reduce processing times, cleaning times and labour costs and to improve processes throughout the whitefish processing value chain. 

  • Integrated whitefish filleting solution with BAADER 582 in combination with BAADER 59
  • X – Ray controlled waterjet cutting solution
  • Small whitefish processing with BAADER 588
  • On board filleting with BAADER 191
  • Precise head cut with BAADER 444
  • Pelagic Processing including B’Logic Software
  • Separator Technology
  • Scales and Grading Solution
  • Industry 4.0
  • Washing robot for inside- and outside machine cleaning

Efficient work flow in the line and for higher economy

BAADER can offer a combination of BAADER 582 together with the BAADER 59 Skinning Machine. This is again a perfect example of this Safe Food Solution and Quality in all phases.

This combination of BAADER 582 with BAADERs state-of-the-art Whitefish Skinner is for a more efficient work flow in the line and for higher economy. 

Wide working range

BAADER 582 is very comfortable in operation. A wide working range can be processed without adjustments and the customer can switch over between different species, e.g. Cod, Saithe or Haddock by easy settings via Touchpanel. 

Best performance

BAADER 582 designed to produce best fillet quality. It is designed in a manner with respect to hygiene, food safety, maintenance, performance, fillet quality and production control. BAADER 582 run very stable and very less stops occur. This reduces necessary trimming effort in conjunction with best fillet quality. 

Best fillet quality

The quality of the fillet is probably the best ever in the world especially in the high value loin area. The membrane in this area stays intact. Due to the new cutting process, without stickle and scraper knives, there is no stress on the fillet. This is extremely important with soft fish. The black belly skin is perfectly removed. 

BAADER 59 Skinner works in line with BAADER 582

The BAADER 59 is specially designed for Cod, Saithe and Haddock.

The fillet is smooth like a mirror. It is designed to handle fillets tail first producing a shallow skinned high yielding fillet. Due to a special technique it is possible to ensure a perfect skinning result even at the tail tip. Even soft product is skinned very gently. One special feature of this machine is that the skinned fillet leaves the machine stretched out and separated from each other for easy inspection and further processing. No manual straightening is necessary. The BAADER 59 will work in line with our new filleting machine BAADER 582 for a perfect work flow. 


Waterjet Cutting from BAADER .- the best performance ever

The BAADER Group offers - in corporation with  JBT - one of the best waterjet cutting solutions ever.

It combines X-ray technology from BAADER with waterjet technology from JBT.

The combination of BAADER’s X-Ray and weighing technology with JBTs waterjet cutting system provides highest cutting flexibility at unrivaled speed. A significant increase of throughput and accuracy is attended by a clear reduction of manual rework and yield.          

The BAADER water cutting solution is working with up to 4100 bar and is able to do ALL cutting patterns - on customer demands. From 4 - 8 cutting nozzles guarantee a wide variety of cuttings.

This means much more different cuttings at less time than other suppliers. 

The water cutting solution from BAADER /JBT can support two BAADER Filleting Machines. Other waterjet cutter can only support one.


Small whitefish processing

The BAADER 588 is an advanced unique filleting machine for small and medium whitefish - fresh or defrosted. It is designed in a completely new manner with respect to yield, hygiene, performance and fi llet quality.

A stable run of the fish through the machine guarantees higher throughput.

The fillets from this new BAADER 588 are of an extraordinary quality – even with soft fi sh. Combined with the heading machine BAADER 408 and the skinning machine FDS 2000 from Trio, Baader can offer a smart solution  for every fish size.


Proven technology meets new design

The BAADER 191 for whitefish filleting is the successor of our worldwide known BAADER 190. It is suitable for onboard processing and offers a wide storage of recipes, which makes it easier to control the setup. BAADER 191 will have a wider processing range and will gain higher throughput.

In combination with the well known BAADER 444 is the perfect choice for heading and gutting of cod, saithe (pollock) and haddock and yellowtail.

With its unique revolving technique, the machine is designed to increase the throughput, maximize yield, avoid unnecessary burden for the operator and to fulfill latest hygiene standards.


Automatic Pelagic Processing Line

The automatic infeed system ensures that the fish is fed to the heading section automatically head first. A camera system observes the whole process within the heading unit and controls the position of the fish, the species and the sizes. If a fault occurs i.e. if the head and tail position are incorrect or the wrong species are fed through, the machine will then reject the fish. If the belly or backsides are wrong facing it automatically corrects the position.

Every customer who is interested in a perfect product quality is also interested in a superior handling of the raw materials from the beginning. This kind of approach enables the automatically driven lines to process, according to the fish size, throughputs of more than 300 fish/min (on average). The modern BAADER Pelagic Systems nowadays offer a system controller who runs the system, observes it and is able to adjust the machines, respectively the lines, for the actual circumstances in connection with the raw material supply and condition just within a few seconds and simply by means of switches. The B’Logic Pelagic software allows the production management a constant control and feedback from the production.


Soft Separation – dont’t put anything into waste

The BAADER technology for clean separation of fish meat from bones, fins and skin that was developed in Luebeck / Germany, keeps setting new benchmarks when it comes to performance and product quality.

The application of these machines enables noticeable improvements in product quality at a consistently high level and with exact and repeatable production parameters.

Compared to the normal screw separators the BAADER principle is much more gentle in regards to a temperature rise of max 1°C, the protein molecule keep intact and the bones are not damaged.


BAADER Static Scale – legal weighing

The static scale can be used as a packing station placed at the end of a grading line where it is possible to pack and register boxes to specific orders. Weighing results from the scale are approved weights and can be used for commercial purposes. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to keep track on order status, stock status and history data. B’Logic Packing is a modular system supporting the requirement for packing, palletizing and inventory with a high focus on usability for easy use, in fact an operator can use the packing station with a minimum of training even with different language skills due to the high use of icons. Supplementary to the packing station comes a very efficient label design and –management software named B’Logic Label Composer, to minimize the number of labels and the handling of different label designs in a typical plant.


The fourth industrial revolution: On the way to the intelligent and adaptable production

In the industry 4.0 the production with the most modern information technology and communication technology interlocks itself. Propelling strength of this development is the rapidly increasing digitization of economy and society. It changes with lasting effect the future working and producing way. Now after steam engine, production line, electronics and IT intelligent factories (so-called "Smart Factories") determine the fourth industrial revolution.
We of the BAADER Future Lab show functioning prototypes to give a hand and try out. We step thus with our customers in the dialogue and discuss with them how we think about the future in the production and refining of fish.