Our VISION in action

Our VISION in action

BAADER LINCO at EuroTier 2016

Our vision in action

During EuroTier you will be able to see some of the key machines installed at our new show plantin the UK, Iqbal Poultry. You will also find a complete model of the plant on the booth to give you an overview of the processing flow. The show plant is our vision put into action:

A safe food processing factory that presents an intelligent,
sustainable,bio-secure and leading animal welfare solution.

UniLoad live bird handling system
– leading animal welfare and biosecurity
The UniLoad live bird handling system helps customers worldwide
live up to their demands for best animal welfare practices
from catching to shackling. Animal welfare is part of our vision,
and it is certainly part of UniLoad.

High-speed evisceration
– flexibility to meet your daily sales challenges
We present our high-speed evisceration line. The line ensures
a high degree of flexibility to process variations between flock
sizes. On the booth, you can see for yourself how simple it is to
adjust the machinery. You can also see our new hygienic overhead
conveyor clip to transport giblet packs from the Eviscerator
to the Giblet Harvesting System.

ClassifEYE® vision system
– the cornerstone in sustainable poultry processing
The quality information captured by our ClassifEYE® vision
system, together with individual bird weight, is used to decide
on the best-fit production of each bird. Optimising the value of
each bird is a prerequisite for growing a sustainable business.

New Mid-Wing Cutter
– anatomical to ensure highest yield
Don’t miss out on our latest Mid-Wing Cutter, part of our new
wing segmenting programme. The Mid-Wing Cutter cuts each
wing separately to achieve correct positioning and ensure an
anatomical cut.

Breast deboning
– intelligent cutting and consistent performance
On the booth, you will be able to look into the heart of our
Breast Deboner and see how each front half is measured in
order to achieve high-quality cuts and optimised yield performance.

New Belt Grader
– compact and hygienic
We proudly present our new Belt Grader consisting of an
infeed conveyor, dynamic scale and distribution conveyor in
a compact and robust “one-belt” configuration. Come and
see for yourself how easy it is to disassemble the machine for

New packing solution
– “right-first-time” with intuitive working instructions
At Iqbal Poultry, B’Logic® controls the total bulk pack weigh
labelling and finished product dispatch. At EuroTier, we can
show you how the packing operator receives clear packing
instructions on the packing station.