BAADER chosen as supplier for Nils Willilksen

BAADER chosen as supplier for Nils Willilksen

Nils Williksen has chosen BAADER as supplier for slaughtering solution

The latest technology in salmon slaughtering

When Nils Williksen AS in Rørvik go for BAADER's solution for salmon slaughter it means that brand new technology will be in place and the company can increase capacity considerably.

As early as at the beginning of 2019 the plant will be up and running for the traditional company that has strived for premium quality since 1883. The plant in Rørvik is well prepapred for the future and the company will strengthen its standing as a reliable supplier of excellent seafood.

"This project adds to several other deliveries of this type of new technology to Norwegian clients and we at BAADER are pleased about the good feedback we are getting with respect to this technology such as from Nils Williksen AS", says Kjell A. Lind-Olsen from Baader Norway.

"The whole project at Williksen is based on the supply of a top modern salmon slaughter facility. Our "stun and bleed" system BAADER 101 is a crucial part of the delivery since the BAADER 101 ensures stunning and bleedcutting before the salmon continues to BAADER's spiral tanks for bleeding and cooling", Lind-Olsen states.

But this is not the end of the line.

"We will also deliver the latest technology to the gutting department. There the BAADER 1570 Speed-Feed System will automatically feed the new BAADER 144 gutting machines. Every individual salmon is thoroughly examined with advanced camera technology to carefully monitor and to achieve maximum quality", he says.

The benefit of this layout is an increase in capacity and at the same time a decrease of manpower required in production.

"It is also important for us at BAADER that Nils Williksen AS have decided to carry out such a complete projectand we see it as a result and also a recognition of BAADER as a systems supplier far beyond being just a machine supplier",  Kjell A. Lind-Olsen says.

Nils Williksen has chosen BAADER as supplier for slaughtering solution

The persons on the picture is from left:
Marit Kallestad, Quality manager Nils Williksen AS
Ståle Ramstad, Site manager Nils Williksen AS
Nils Andre Williksen, Deputy CEO Nils Williksen AS
Kjell A Lind-Olsen, Sale Baader Norge AS
Ulf Jacobsen, Project sale Nordischer Machinenbau Rud Baader GmbH